Viron eVo Pump


AstralPool's Viron eVo Pump range has been a game changer for pool owners. These 8 star energy efficient pumps reduce pool operating costs by more than $800 a year - that's around $6000 to $8000 over the life time of the pump.  Designed and made in Australia, these pumps are easily serviceable, very robust and are now being exported around the world. The quality of these pumps is unsurpassed, and each pump can be fully tailored to suit your pool with the continuously variable speed control between 600 RPM and 2850 RPM, which means all your existing pool equipment continues to work while you enjoy the operating savings. And combined with the Viron eQuilibrium, the pump speed and operating hours are automatically controlled to achieve even greater savings while maintaining perfectly clean, sparkling and healthy pool and spa water.

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