AstralPool International

AstralPool specialises in the design, production and distribution of systems and components for swimming pools —both private and public— and for a range of sectors including the wellness industry, through an extensive network of branches and sales offices across the world. AstralPool is a leading international brand in the swimming pool industry, with products distributed in over 170 countries and more than 100 sales offices and branches located across 30 countries.

With more than 40 years’ experience in the marketplace, AstralPool is a member of the Fluidra Group, a multinational Spanish group that has over 40 years’ experience specialising in the development of sustainable applications for the storage, handling, treatment and use of water.

Every year over 20,000 professionals and 200,000 swimming pools use some of the 15,000 components manufactured by AstralPool. Beyond their functionality, AstralPool’s products and solutions provide a sustainable response to users’ needs, allowing them to save water and preserve the environment while enjoying their swimming pools.