Viron Equilibrium Chlorinator


Why the Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator?

Your pool is one of the largest and most important investments you will ever make. It is important that it looks great, is healthy and safe to swim in and continues to add value to your house at all times. The core needs of any swimming pool is the filtration system which removes unsightly organic matter that feeds bacteria and algae plus the sanitiser which destroys any algae and bacteria which enters the water. Modern day pumps, filters and pool cleaners remove the organic matter very effectively and automatically, almost eliminating day to day maintenance. Chlorinators cleverly produce sufficient sanitiser to destroy bacteria and algae but almost none regulate the amount of sanitiser or adjust the water balance. The problem is, too much sanitiser can fade the pool colour, become corrosive, damage the pool shell and pool equipment. In addition, nearly all sanitisers affect the water balance (pH) rendering the sanitiser ineffective at destroying bacteria and requiring lots of corrective balancing chemicals to be added to the pool by the owner or pool specialist. High pH causes skin irritations and red eyes. Welcome the Viron Equilibrium Salt Chlorinator!

Standard Automatic Filtration System
So easy to set up, anyone can do it!

The Viron eQuilibrium Salt Chlorinator incorporates a very smart algorithm that doses pH adjuster to match the amount of sanitiser produced and balance the pH of your pool. This is achieved in the most cost effective way as no pH sensor is required. Small adjustments are made by manually testing the water and adjusting the pH output. The Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator System incorporates a peristaltic pump and connections to automatically feed the pH adjuster in measured doses eliminating the need to manually handle and dose acid.


Optional Upgrades

Viron eQuilibrium 2 Chlorinator System
The ultimate pH adjuster

Incorporating all the functions of the eQuilibrium System, the eQuilibrium 2 Chlorinator has an pH sensor to maintain the perfect pH level. Different pool surfaces have different ideal pH levels. With the Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator your pH is sensed every 15 minutes and the appropriate measure of pH adjuster is accurately dosed by the inbuilt peristaltic pump. Simply replenish your pH adjuster once a month or even longer and let Viron eQuilibrium 2 Chlorinator System sanitise and balance your pool water pH. Perfect pH balance helps eliminate skin irritations, red eyes, and protects your pool and equipment.


Viron eQuilibrium 3 Chlorinator System
Sophisticated Sanitiser Control Made Easy

Viron eQuilibrium 3 System continually senses the sanitiser level with sophisticated pure gold sensor while the micro processor receiving this information reacts by modulating the output of the electrodes that produce the sanitiser. The result is the perfect level of sanistiser that quickly reacts to varying environmental conditions and pool use. When the family goes for a swim the sanitiser is quickly used up. Viron eQuilibrium 3 senses the lower levels of sanitiser and instantly ramps up the electrode output to increase sanitiser to a safe level. Putting a blanket on the pool allows sanitiser to accumulate and build up quickly however, the Viron eQuilibrium 3 reacts instantly to minimise or totally turn the electrode off to prevent excessive sanitiser building up and harming the pool and equipment.


eQuilibrium Ai Mode

Full Ai Mode provides complete chlorination control

When fully optioned with eQuilibrium 2 and 3 sensors, the Ai mode can be selected. Ai mode eliminates the traditional method of setting a time clock and hoping the pump operates for sufficient time to remove the organic material and sanitise the pool. When connected to a compatibile Viron eVo pump, selecting Ai mode automatically controls the pump flow rate, hours of operation, sanitiser production and pH balance. Not only is the whole filtration and sanitation now handled automatically, Ai mode continually monitors the pool water sanitiser level and instantly turns the pump flow rate up reactivating the sanitiser production whenever there is a sudden drop in the correct levels due to an influx of bathers.


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