Pool Cleaners

  • Equipped with the latest technology designed by AstralPool, these robotic cleaners are perfect for all types of pool shapes, sizes and surfaces.
  • AstralPool robotic cleaners make pool cleaning easier and efficient.
  • This range of Robotic Pool Cleaners incorporates the most sophisticated mapping and optimisation software available.
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From Our Customers - Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

“We’ve had the AstralPool cleaner for a couple of months now, and we are very pleased with it’s performance and how easy it is to use. We are still amazed with just how much junk it picks up whenever we empty out the filter bag. Not having to worry about cleaning the pool is simply fantastic, and it has given us more time to enjoy our pool as a family!” - Julia S, Brisbane QLD

“As a first time pool owner, this thing is so easy to get my pool looking clean. It doesn’t get stuck or tangled and it’s small enough to easily hide away with the caddy. Whenever I have some friends over for a BBQ I always get compliments about how clean the pool looks. It’s that good.” - David H, Melbourne VIC

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Super Quick, Super Clean, More Swimming Fun!

It cleans 4 times better

Thanks to the new 3D filter bag, it cleans 4 times better than other Filters. The New filter bag fabric has loops that trap even the smallest microparticles.

Your pool is technology

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GYRO Technology

Gyro is a smart navigation system. It can sense all the movements in 3 dimensions by using a 3 axis sensor and is quipped with an accelerometer that informs if the robotic cleaner is moving. This guarantees pools are thoroughly cleaned during each cycle by avoiding all types of obstacles, even avoiding the power cable from getting tangled.

Mechanical Swivel System

Mechanical Swivel System prevents the power cable from becoming tangled & allows cleaner to traverse your pool without problem freely.


Aquasmart is a patented algorithm by Astralpool which instructs the robot what to do. It is the brain of AstralPool robotic cleaners and can cover the pool surface and to minimise the potential of floating cable entanglement.

Dual Motors

Dual motors improve power and turning radius.