FAQ - Building a pool

What sizes can my pool be?

There are many varied sizes and shapes with fibreglass pools which will suit many requirements, however, the extra benefit of an inground concrete swimming pool is that the pool can be designed to any size or shape to suit your specific area.


How much does is cost for an average size pool?

As pools are designed to suit the needs and lifestyle of individuals this will vary greatly and pool builders will supply you with a quote based on your specific requirements. Click here to find your nearest pool builder.


Do I need to have plans all ready?

Pool builders are always happy to assist with ideas and advice for your swimming pool design, or  can work with an existing plan if you have already engaged an architect or landscape designer.


How long does it take to build a swimming pool?

This will vary dependent upon your final decision regarding fibreglass or concrete. Fibreglass is generally quicker once building permits have been obtained.  *More information????


Do I need a swimming pool fence?

Swimming pool and Spa owners are required by law to have a pool fence or safety barrier around their pool. Government standards and regulations stipulate how the fence should be designed, constructed and maintained. Pool fences must be non-climbable by young children and include self-latching gates.