Acqua Waterfalls

The sound and visual aspect of running water is now enhanced by colour changing LED Acqua Water Fall.

Patented technology provides you with ultra bright colour changing water fall to enhance your swimming pool at night. Select pre-programmed colours, colour fade and transition modes or blend your own RGB colours with more than 16 million choices. Multiple waterfalls can be colour coordinated and also colour match with Delta Series colour changing Underwater Lights.

Totally mesmerising, the Acqua Water Fall colours and sound will absorb and entertain your family and friends both day and night.

Click here to view an example of the different colours.


Features & Benefits
  • Easily coordinated with the optional Delta Light colours for a “total” colour effect in your pool's landscaping
  • 4 colour changing modes, 8 standard colours and infinite colour blending capabilities.
  • Controlled by the optional Viron Connect Touch Screen from inside your home
  • Available in 600mm, 1200mm, 1800mm and 2400mm lengths
  • Long life 50,000 hour LED technology
  • Ultra bright light output supercedes previous technologies