EC Sand Filter

The EC Sand Filter utilises the same high quality manufacturing process as AstralPool’s larger filters to achieve sparkling clear pool and spa water.

For conventional above ground and small to medium size in-ground pools,  the EC Sand Filter is often the perfect choice for these applications.A high tooling and machinery investment combined with engineered shape and performance means the EC Sand Filter is perfect for all pools up to 60,000 litres while turning over the pool water twice in an 8 hour daily filtration cycle. 

Simple and easy installation means lower installation and maintenance costs.  High quality components such as oil filled pressure gauge,  corrosion free valve connections and fast draining of water and filter media for maintenance mean the EC Sand Filter is not only economical to purchase but is economical and easy to maintain and service for the life of the product.


Features & Benefits
  • Injection Moulded High Strength Tank
  • High Strength Materials for Long LIfe
  • Suitable for In-Ground and Above Ground Pools
  • 10 Year Warranty on Tank

Refer to the product brochure and operating instruction for further information and warranty details.



ModelTank DiameterFilter AreaPort Size6 Hr. Turnover8 Hr. TurnoverMedia Req'd
EC550540 mm0.21 Sq M40mm65,000 ltrs85,000 ltrs80 kg
EC 650630 mm0.30 Sq M40mm92,000 ltrs120,000 ltrs

120 kg



Dimensions with Valve installed:

ModelHeightWifthShipping Weight
EC 55095 cm55 cm13kg
EC 650103 cm65 cm17kg