Rolachem RC8

Rolachem chemical monitoring and dosing systems are designed to create sparkling clean, healthy and balanced pool and spa water while eliminating your day to day pool or spa maintenance.

Unlike other forms of "automatic" sanitisers, Rolachem measures and controls the level of sanitiser in your water. But did you know, the ability of the pool sanitiser to kill harmful algae and bacteria is affected by the pH balance of your water. Perhaps just as importantly, Rolachem measures and controls the pH of your pool or spa water as well as the level of sanitiser.

Rolachem can significantly reduce chemical and water usage by keeping your pool or spa in perfect condition and reducing the need to replace with precious fresh water and additional chemicals to rectify the contamination.

Rolachem will also help you comply with Australian standards by keeping a residual chlorine or bromine sanitiser level in your pool at all times.


Features & Benefits
  • Reduces the impact on the environment and keeps the water pure and fresh
  • Measured dosing of chemicals for accurate sanitiser and pH levels
  • Simple installation
  • Automatically adjusts the sanitiser and pH adjuster to match your pool or spa usage
  • In built time clock operates filtration pump and controller automatically

Refer to the product brochure and operating instruction for further information and warranty details.