Viron Connect

The modern pool and spa can be so complex that often only one or two people in the house can operate it. With the Viron Connect and the one touch favourite mode will enable your whole family to use your swimming pool. With the advanced LCD touch screen you are able to program all your favourite and common pool and spa settings so that all the family can enjoy the pool at the touch of a button.

Perhaps it's "School Holiday" mode or "Dinner Party" mode, where the lights and water features are operating. Maybe it's "Day Spa" mode where the family can alternate between the hot spa and cool pool. Up to eight favourite modes can be preset into your Viron Connect to make it flexible, convenient and enable you to obtain the most form your lifestyle investment - the backyard pool.


Features & Benefits
  • One Touch Favourite mode
  • Program your favourite settings
  • Connects all your equipment together
  • Can be programmed to operate up to four times each day
  • Standard unit allows 4 separate items of equipment, plus a heater and motorised valve operation
  • Connect 8 model allows 8 separate items of equipment, plus heater and motorised valve operation

Refer to product brochure and operation manual for the product specifications and warranty