ULTRA 500 Commercial Pool Cleaner

AstralPool commercial pool cleaners offer features and performance like no other cleaner on the market. Its modern styling and advanced 21st Century technology gives our commercial pool cleaners the ability to clean any Olympic or commercial size swimming pool.


Features & Benefits

AstralPool ULTRA 500 Commercial Pool Cleaner.

• Recommended for pools up to 25m
• Cleans floor, walls and waterline
• Includes Gyroscope
• Includes 30m cable length, 3 key remote control and trolley
• Intuitive user interface on the new switching power supply

Technical FeaturesULTRA 250ULTRA 500ULTRA MAX G
Recommended PoolsUp to 25mUp to 25mUp to 50m
Cleaning Algorithm3 Hr3 Hr, 4 Hr Floor/Wall, 5 Hr Floor/Wall3, 5, 7, 9 Hr Floor Only
Climbing CapabilityYesYesNo*
Power SupplySPS BasicSPS 500LCD
Remote ControlN/AYes, 3 KeyYes, 6 Key
Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years
Filter AccessBottomBottomBottom
Filter TypeBag x 1Bax (L) x 1Bag x 2