Sky Pool

Skypool Commercial Pools is the range of pre-fabricated pools from AstralPool for public swimming pools. Skypool Commercial Pools feature a hot galvanised steel panel structure which allows both above ground and in-ground, fixed or suspended pools to be rapidly installed, whatever their shape or size, within weeks.

The wide selection of models and variable features in the Skypool Commercial Pools range allows them to be totally adaptable to any existing infrastructure, such as stadiums, sports centres or other venues for all manner of pool events. Our pools also allow fixed infrastructures to be created in any premises such as, for example, spas, hotels, acuaparks etc. Skypool Commercial Pools can be adapted to all the necessities required of a public pool with custom designed solutions for all needs.

All the materials and components we use have been designed and selected in accordance with 3 basic principles: Durability, reliability and sustainability. The end result is a highly competitive product, both technically and economically speaking.

Skypool pool assembly is based on a panel system which forms the structure of the pool, allowing perfect shaping and counteracting the mechanical forces of the pool water. All panels are covered in a fully waterproof liner which ensures the perfect watertightness of the pool shell.

This construction method allows your pool to be ready for use in record time, with the maximum reliability and guarantees the market can offer.


Features & Benefits
  • Quick assembly - The use of totally pre-fabricated components, along with the ease of assembly, considerably reduces the time it takes to construct one of our pools.
  • Environmental sustainability All the components used are 100% recyclable, non-contaminating and manufactured in such a way as to cause minimum environmental impact.
  • Lasting durability The latest designs and manufacturing methods have been incorporated in order to obtain the highest possible levels of quality, usability and durability in all the pool’s components. The metallic structure carries a 20 year guarantee.
  • The best possible investment No complex infrastructure is necessary in order to have a pool of the highest possible characteristics at the lowest possible cost.
  • Optimum reliability The use of the best possible components, along with the totally safe assembly system is the best guarantee of the optimum reliability that is required for pools of this sort.