Blue Connect Plus

Blue Connect Plus, the smart pool analyzer, is a device that combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms which mix water data, weather data and user data. Blue Connect Plus  and its smartphone app help you look after your pool 24/7, even if you are away. Now there is no more uncertainty about what is happening in your pool.

Blue Connect Plus gives access to Virtual Pool Care, a powerful web platform that allows your local pool professional to monitor the pool remotely, for the ultimate peace of mind.

The Blue Connect Plus is for all salt pool types where the device is likely to be installed in the technical room using the included Tapping Saddle Adaptor, BlueFit50.




Features & Benefits
  • All-in-one Blue Connect sensor that measures and analyses: Temperature, pH Levels, ORP, Water Conductivity, Salt levels and chemical needed
  • Cutting edge Blue Connect microchip - Intelligent algorithms analyse your pool water
  • Elegant and smart design
  • Designed to fit all types of pools. Any shape: inground or above ground. Any type: Chlorine, bromine and salt chlorination
  • Step-by-step Easy Assistant
  • Optional Blue Extender allows connects your Blue Connect to your home network WiFi

Additional Blue Connect Plus Features:

  • Blue Plus App: More advanced features: 20 daily measurements, view history and multiple users
  • Gold Probe: Includes the Gold premium measurement probe
  • Blue Fit50: Tapping saddle to install Blue Connect in the technical room
  • Virtual Pool Care: Web platform for pool professionals to remotely monitor your swimming pool



Blue Connect
Blue Connect
Blue Connect Set Up
Blue Connect Set Up