Mosaic Tiles

AstralPool Australia’s Glass Mosaic Tiles are manufactured to the highest European quality standards. The unique polyurethane dot backing system meets Australian Standards ensuring 85% adhesive contact between the tile and pool surface. The Polyurethane support does not invade the tile joint This tile support system allows for easy installations, delivers superior heat, expansion and contraction tolerance. Polyurethane is ideal for underwater use and will not deteriorate when in contact with chlorine or other pool water chemicals. AstralPool Australia’s Glass Mosaic Tiles are suitable for all pool surfaces and applications.



Tile Name


Product Code

Mosaic Tile - Liso White25mm x 25mm67288
Mosaic Tile - Liso Light Grey25mm x 25mm67273
Mosaic Tile - Liso Black25mm x 25mm67300
Mosaic Tile - Liso Deep Blue25mm x 25mm67283
Mosaic Tile - Niebla Light Blue25mm x 25mm67305
Mosaic Tile - Niebla Dark Blue25mm x 25mm67302
Mosaic Tile - Niebla Medium Blue25mm x 25mm67301
Mosaic Tile - Niebla Medium Green25mm x 25mm67258