Jetstream Pool Cleaner

The JetStream Pool Cleaner provides highly reliable pool cleaning that saves you time and money. incorporating it own highly efficient filter, it reduces the load on your filtration system, skimmer and pool basket, reducing the frequency of filter cleaning and maintenance on your pool. This saves expensive pool chemicals and water top ups. Ideal for us in conjunction with energy efficient variable speed pumps, the JetStream cleaner increases the circulation of your pool with its 300 litres per minute flow rate.


Features & Benefits
  • Energy Efficient, low operating costs
  • Suitable for all pool interior
  • In built filter reduces water & chemical consumption
  • Programmable to suit virtually every pool configuration
  • Plug & Play

  • In ground and above ground pools to 12m long/Any surface or configuration
  • Fully customisable from 1 to 3 hours
  • Self contained, reusable 22 litre bag, down to 2 micros
  • 18,200 litres per hour
  • Brushless, individually sealed, water cooled with heat-dissipating and lubricating oil for longer motor life
  • 15m non chlorine corroding Kevlar
  • 240V/50hz input, 24 VDC output
  • LImited 2 year in field warranty


Jetstream - Initial Setup
Jetstream - Initial Setup
 Jetstream - Installing in Pool
Jetstream - Installing in Pool
Jetstream - Setup of Wheels and Transformer
Jetstream - Setup of Wheels and Transformer